Created in 2019, this group of organizations in Tulare and Kings counties, came together in an effort to support each other so we can be stronger together! Our common goal to support our communities gives us a strong connection and by supporting each other, we support our collective community!

Our first meeting was a huge success!

Photo from our first meeting







The Museum Alliance of Tulare and Kings Counties provides resources for the community to connect with our local heritage.


The Museum Alliance of Tulare County seeks to give our community strength through culture and connectivity.

  1. The Museum Alliance of Tulare County will serve as a forum for innovative ideas to connect museums with the local community.


  • Promote and expand ideas to enhance our local museums
  • Create opportunities to collaborate with other experts in the museum field
  1. Members of the Museum Alliance of Tulare County will collaborate to host joint events that promote Tulare County history.


  • Collaborate on exhibits and events with other local organizations
  • Encourage community participation in local museum events
  1. The Alliance members will work to encourage schools to partner with local museums to advance education.


  • Align museum displays/exhibits with curriculum and standards to justify school visits
  • Develop programs that can be taken to local schools to encourage field trips to museums
  1. The Alliance members will assist in supplying the community with safe places to learn.


  • Maintain museum facilities as welcoming spaces for the public
  • Ensure museum content is accessible by a large audience


  • Resourcefulness – members effectively utilize available materials and partnerships to serve as a resource to others in the community
  • Collaboration – members work together as professional organizations to ensure that the Alliance is efficiently and effectively serving the community
  • Present – museums strive to serve as a community center that is inviting for all
  • Educational – museums operate as a learning center that makes education exciting