Cultural Connections Scholarship Program

This project has been created to give local students the opportunity to gain experience in the museum field, while at the same time providing much needed assistance to local museums. This will ultimately affect the community at large by enhancing out local cultural organizations.

We will be accepting applications from students engaged with the Pathways to Museums Club on the College of the Sequoias campus in July of 2024 for the fall semester. You can submit your student application here

Cultural Connections Scholarship Program Guidelines
The Cultural Connections Scholarship Program is in its pilot year and aims to connect college students with local museums for the purpose of assisting museums with projects that require extra staffing and providing students with hands on experience.
1) Project Expectations
     a) Project must have meaningful work experience for the student that can be listed as work experience for the student.
     b) Project should provide measurable impact for the community through the museum.
2) Organization Expectations
     a) Paperwork
          i) Provide complete application with project request clearly stated.
          ii) Complete a mid-way report listing the work that has been completed, the successes, and any issues.
          iii) Complete a follow-up survey to provide feedback on the program.
          iv) Provide proof of insurance for volunteers/staff.
     b) Project Manager
          i) Works as a mentor for the student to help guide them through the project.
          ii) Conducts themselves in a professional manner and courteous to the student.
          iii) Is on site and available during the agreed upon hours of work for the student.
     c) Outcomes
          i) Project manager to provide oversight of project and work as mentor to ensure the student receives valuable experience.
          ii) The organization has a completed project that will benefit the community.

3) Student Expectations
     a) Paperwork
          i) Provides a list of skills/interests prior to being selected for a project to help pair with an appropriate project as part of the student application.
          ii) Provides a final report listing the work completed, the successes, and issues, and the impact on local history/the community made by the project.
          iii) Completes a letter of intent to complete work at the selected organization to receive scholarship funds.
     b) Student
          i) Conducts themselves in a professional manner and courteous to the museum staff.
          ii) Arrives on time and remains during the agreed upon schedule.
          iii) Brings any questions/suggestions to the Project Manager on site.
     c) Outcomes
          i) Conducts themselves in a professional manner and courteous to all staff.
          ii) Holds a strong work ethic to complete assigned project in the time allocated.